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Stella Singer is the first Iranian female singer who shared music albums in Iran , after the Islamic Republic, in the style of classical pop music. She is one of the few Iranian female singers who sings in Iran during these years . she has many fans by publishing attractive songs

Abstract of Stella Singer Biography

Name: Stella Singer

Date of birth: 1363/6/13Place of birth: Ghaemshahr city, Mazandaran provinceYears of activity: 2005 until nowStyle: Classic PopInstruments: guitar, piano

Stella Singer Biography: lady Stella, born on September 4, 1984 in Ghaemshahr city , she is a singer. she have a bachelor’s degree in general psychology and a master’s degree in general psychology. The name Stella Singer is composed of two names Stella in Italian meaning star. Singer in English means singer.

starts singing

She has been memorizing Rumi’s poems since he was 5 years old, and he used to recite this poem at family parties and school ceremonies: one of them climbs a tree and steals the fruit hard.

In the fifth grade of elementary school, she recited the Quran with amazing voice and was approved and admired by the school staff, friends and classmates.She has started singing professionally since 2005.In July 2014, she released her first song called ” My World ” and took her first step professionally in the field of singing. So far, she has released 18 singles, 3 music albums.

Her Poet

Ali Kamareji


Aron Anastasi .

She is also a poet and Melody maker

She has composed the poem and melody of 7 of her songs .These songs are : Believe , Bad Luck , You , Say Who is , Flight 752, Hug Me, and part of God’s song.

Instrument specialized

Stella plays the piano in a non-professional way .

Photo of lady Singer

Stella Singer voice type

her voice range is mezzo-soprano. Metsosoprano, or Metsosoprano, is the name for a period of sound in music and a type of female voice in singing and opera.In Italian it means moderate soprano.

Her Education are

guitar, piano, cello, voice acting, singing, rhetoric, cinema directing, hairdressing, painting and cooking.

Stella’s favorite singers

Mansour, Leila Forouhar, Hayedeh, Nima, Siavash Ghomayshi, Shahram and Shohreh Solati.

Stella Singer Albums

My World is her first album in the classic pop style. The above album has 6 tracks. The list of tracks on this album are:

My World, My Tears, Belief, I Think of You, God, Nowruz .


استلا سینگر,بیوگرافی استلا سینگر,عکس استلا سینگر

My World Album

Thank you album, is her second album in the classic pop style. The list of tracks on this album includes : I’m happy, Reconciliation Reconciliation, Valentine, I think to you , Sea , thank you

استلا سینگر,بیوگرافی استلا سینگر,عکس استلا سینگر

Thank you Album

 Hug me, is her the third album in the classic pop style. The list of tracks on this album includes :

 Hug me , Hug me karaoke, you, bad luck, Tell me who


Hug me Album

Stella Singer in Spotify

she have blue verified badge on her Spotify as an international singer .


StellaSinger Instagram

 Instagram : stella.singer

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